Naive no more

I keep seeing and hearing how alternative media tries to warn people about the upcoming economic depression. More and more start to wake up to the harsh reality coming ahead. Those who believe that the catastrophe to come, is just a fiction, are getting fewer and fewer.

But then, for those who have already opened their eyes to the truth, there is no clear answer on what to do. How do you live through and survive economic collapse? That is the pounding question!

Some have tried to create an algorithm on how to prepeare, others even train for it, but, as someone who has already lived through economic collapse, I believe that there isn’t only one, concreate answer.

Anyone who wants to survive through what is coming our way, will have to use his own head and learn to adapt and react to harsh and fast-changing conditions. Using a combination of assets and skills will be the key.

It will be way more helpful to ask your grandparents, or to read about the way people lived during the Great Depression, or the Great War, than to watch entire seasons of prepper shows!

Let us not waste our time and resources! The harsh times are already here, it will not be getting any better in the near future!


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