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Financial Turmoil in Europe

Over the pond, in Europe, things are not looking too good. The Brexit referendum seems to have unleashed a whole host of problems in an already unstable financial environment. Read more

Endless QE in Europe!

In an interview with France 24 English today, the former president of the European Central Bank and current member of the Board of Directors of the Bank for International Settlements, Jean-Claude Trichet, tried to offer hope with regard of the consequences of Brexit. Mr Trichet had been ranked by Newsweek as one of the five most powerful people today. Read more

More Warnings About the State of the Economy

The scepticism that I expressed in my last post, entitled “Brexit!!! The Beginning of the End for the European Union”, seems to be getting more and more widespread. Just yesterday, we heard from George Soros, and he is not optimistic about the future. Read more

Brexit!!! The Beginning of the End for the European Union

On June 23, 2016, the people of Great Britain shocked the world – contrary to all polls, they voted to leave the European Union. They were only the first of many countries to talk about leaving the EU, the first to do a referendum on the issue, but many more are already stating – mere hours after the results of the referendum were known – that they will follow in Britain’s footsteps. Read more

Will Your Job be Taken by a Robot?

Only a decade ago, most of us never thought we would see this in our lifetime, but here it is: According to a new study out last week, 42% of Canadian jobs will be automated in the next 10 to 20 years. We are facing the next “industrial” revolution – or maybe we should call “the rise of the machines”? Read more

List Of Chains Closing Stores in Canada

The following is a list of store closures in Canada during the last two years or so (2014 – 2016). See list

Walmart Will No Longer Accept VISA Cards

In a surprising move, a few days ago Walmart Canda announced that it will no longer accept VISA credit carda in its Canadian stores. According to Walmart’s website, this move will help the company save more than $100 million per year, savings they could use istead to help them keep their low everyday prices. Read more

Employment Numbers for May 2016

A couple of day ago we got the employment numbers for the month of May 2016. The Canadian economy added 14,000 new jobs, putting the jobless rate at its lowest since July 2015. At first glance, this sounds like good news. When we look beyond the numbers, however, we see that there is more to them than meets the eye. Read more

Inflation of Food Prices

Today we got some more bad news, this time about the inflation of food prices. It seems that, almost every day now, we’re getting more and more negative news on the state of the Canadian economy. Read more

“Symptoms” of Trouble Ahead

About a week ago, I was driving through the area, and, for the first time ever, I saw three houses, repossessed by the bank, on the same street. I can only ever remember seeing a few houses repossessed by a bank during the last decade. Now, all of a sudden, there were three, on one street only! Read more

No One is Warning Us… Really?!?

In my last post I talked about the alternative media. Are they the only ones sounding the alarm and warning of an impending financial disaster? No, not really! Below you can see a list of people from the elite, and what they had to say about the upcoming economic crash: Read more

Naive No More

I keep seeing and hearing how alternative media tries to warn people about the upcoming economic depression. More and more start to wake up to the harsh reality coming ahead. Those who believe that the catastrophe to come, is just a fiction, are getting fewer and fewer. Read more

Stages of Inflation

When you have already lived through hyperinflation, you start noticing certain things. Things that I experienced in an ex-Soviet block country years ago, are now starting to happen here, in Canada. It is an eerie “deja vu” feeling. One of those things are changes in products, particularly food products, that many have noticed. From my experience, these changes usually come in the following stages. Read more

Are We Living in a Bad Economy?

People often ask: If we live in a time with a bad economy, why don’t we see it? Here’s the thing: We could see it, only if we wanted to. Mainstream medias tends to soften the information on the current state of the economy (whether local or global), and most of the time do not even broadcast news from Europe, for example. Read more