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 Urban farming is becoming more and more popular for different reasons. Some people choose to do it for health reasons, trying to avoid genetically modified food. Others do it for financial reasons or simply as a hobby. But not many know that, in times of deep economic depression, empty stores, hyperinflation reaching 1080%, a small backyard farm actually saved our lives. It was self-sufficiency born out of need. This is a practical guide for beginners, with step-by-step instructions and easy, simple methods that can be used even off the grid! Contains more than 80 beautiful, colourful photos and images, with detailed explanations on how to make raised beds and no-frills greenhouses, backyard zoning, growing your own seedlings, keeping your seeds, the most efficient ways to use the limited space in a backyard, as well as the basics on raising backyard homestead animals – chickens, rabbits, quails, miniature goats and even utility pigeons! No need to move to a remote backcountry area to start homesteading! Backyard farming is a great way of dealing with today’s new challenges of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), contaminated food products and animal meats pumped with antibiotics, by growing your own fruits and vegetables, and raising your own animals. All the basics of backyard farming, the way our ancestors used to homestead, in one short guide!

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Good book as I am a total beginner (Sherry)

Good book as I am a total beginner. Great ideas for small spaces.


SURVIVING TOUGH TIMES: A Practical Guide From a Real Economic Collapse Survivor

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Surviving economic collapse is not something you could learn about from futuristic movies and reality shows! The author of this book survived both the Chernobyl radiation apocalypse in the mid-1980s and his country’s full economic and social crash during the 1990s, caused by the fall of Eastern Europe’s communist regimes. The book tells the story of survival during a hyperinflationary crisis and is a unique practical guide of how to live during a long-term economic depression, written by somebody who lived through it and is now sharing his story. After the 2008 economic recession, many symptoms of an upcoming economic depression started to appear. Despite the optimism of many officials with regard to the economy, this book is a warning: It will get worse before it starts to get better!

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He shares some wisdom learned from those times with us that could be useful in good times and invaluable in bad times (An Amazon Customer)

This book is written by a man who personally went through two financial crises in his youth. He shares some wisdom learned from those times with us that could be useful in good times and invaluable in bad times. I feel inspired to evaluate my family’s current situation and make the best of what we have right now instead of longing for something else. Great reality check for where the world seems determined to get to in a hurry. If bad times are coming, the time spent reading this book could save your life. It’s simple reading, but the truth is surviving tough times takes a combination of skills and assets.

I just made the time to get it well read (John)

You have a Great Book here , and I enjoyed reading it. You make some very good points on living  better with huge life changes and good coping methods. I will pass this on to my Daughters to read , ages 27 , 23 , so that they will learn form your life examples also.

Awesome book! (Sherry)

Wow! Read life situations from a survivor that I would have never thought of, makes me realize how naive we Americans are. Awesome book!